REACH Bucket Band at Vista College Prep

      • In 2015, thirty-six first and second graders at Vista College Preparatory in Phoenix learned the basics of drumming and playing in ensemble from dedicated instructors through the first ever REACH Bucket Band.
      • The REACH Bucket Band, led by Alexander Laing and The Leading Tone of Phoenix, has continued to grow in size and scope, and in 2016, a movement component was added to the curriculum, using stepping as an additional way to explore rhythm, coordination and ensemble.
      • The program, which takes place after school, uses music to teach students Vista College Prep’s core values of Respect, Enthusiasm, Achievement, Courage and Hard Work.
      • The REACH Bucket Band requires funding to continue! Opportunity4Kids is teaming up to help this program thrive. Please encourage this after school program with a tax-deductible donation. Thank you for your support!

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