3 Bowling Sponsorships to Keep Kids Active!

Bowling is fun in your SPARE time!

Keeping a child active in today’s day and age can be a challenge, especially in the Arizona summer when temperatures can get in the triple digits! Finding an activity that your child is interested in while staying safely out of the heat only adds to this challenge.  Bowling is a fun activity that promotes hand eye coordination, physical activity, and teamwork, all the while staying indoors and out of the devilish Arizona heat!

Knocking them down, one pin at a time!

Bowling camps provide a great pro-social after school or summer program for a kid to participate in where they can build upon these skills all while making strong long lasting friendships with kids similar interests!

Leave no pin standing!

Opportunity4Kids was thrilled to provide sponsorship to 3 very deserving children* in Tucson to participate in the Lucky Strike after school bowling  program, that provides a safe and fun environment, where these awesome kiddos can continue to do what they love!

Photo Credit: Lucky Strike

Know a child in need? Request Sponsorship HERE.

Want to be part of making a difference in a child’s life?

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