Alexandra: A Rising Dance Star

Alexandra is an extremely bright and talented young girl who loves to dance. She has been taking lessons at Take Five Dance Studio since she was 5 years old and has grown to become an outstanding dancer. Alexandra works very hard in school to achieve good grades and has even won multiple awards for her academic accomplishments. She applies that same dedication to her time in the dance studio and was chosen this year to perform with an elite group called the “High Fives”. With hopes to someday dance on stage professionally, Alexandra can’t wait to show off her talent.


Alexandra Goes on to Dance Another Day

Just like any other sport, dancing has many developmental benefits. Some of these benefits include improving overall physical health, encouraging self-expression, and enhancing social skills. Alexandra is very outgoing and enjoys making new friends that share her passion for dance. As a result, her parents have tried their best to keep her involved for as long as possible. Unfortunately, her father lost his job which has taken a toll on the family financially and made it impossible for them to continue lessons. When we received the request for tuition assistance we were happy to help Alexandra and her family pursue her dream to dance with the “High Fives”.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this bright young star!


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