Art Camp – A Creative Summer for Giselle!

Giselle: A Developing Young Artist

Giselle is a very outgoing seven year old with a deep passion the arts. She expresses herself in her creations, drawings, and art. The youngest of three children, her very loving single mother strives to provide them with any and every opportunity, including the opportunity to pursue their passions. Giselle wished more than anything to attend Art Camp through Phoenix Center for the Arts.

Staying Cool with Summer Art

Summer programs and camps- while they provide engaging, educative and fun activities for kids to combat the lull in mental exercise summer can bring- can get expensive. Giselle’s mother came across Phoenix Center for the Arts and their awesome summer camp that “allows children to dance, sing, draw, and dramatize the summer away!”* With three kids to care for and support, the family needed a little help to get Giselle into this beneficial, and super fun, program.

Art from the HEART!

Opportunity4Kids is pleased to announce that with our Sponsorship, Giselle will be attending two weeks of summer camp at Phoenix Center for the Arts to pursue her creative passion. We hope her summer is filled with as much art as she has filled our hearts with love!

Photo Credit: Phoenix Center for the Arts

Photo Credit: Phoenix Center for the Arts

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