Athletics for the WIN!

We all know that exercise brings a number of health benefits to everyone, but studies have shown that sports have an even greater effect on developing children. Sports have been proven to lead to not only healthier bodies, but also healthier minds with participating children.

Creating Routine at a Young Age

When children begin to play sports at a young age, it becomes a normal part of their life.  Once sports are implemented into their routines, children are much more likely to continue to stay active throughout their lives. Physical activity is proven to lower risks of serious illnesses in the future and helps keep kids as healthy as possible. Many sport instructors have also begun to incorporate healthy eating into their coaching, which gets children into good habits at an early age.

The Benefits are More Than Physical- Mental and Emotional Too!

But, the mental effects that sports have are equally as important! Being involved in a sport, especially on a team, teaches children to work together and builds social skills. Sports help shape positive personalities and not only build self-confidence, but also help lower depression in children and teens. Sports have been shown to boost academic performance because children take what they learn on the field about hard work and dedication and apply it to the classroom.


All in all, starting the habit of participation in an organized physical activity, such as a sport, league or team, at an early age can be the basis of an entire life of healthy living.

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