Back to School: From Stress to Success!


With the new school year rolling around, it tends to be a pretty hectic time for everyone involved, no matter what grade your child is going into. But luckily, there are some ways to make this time of the year a whole lot easier! 


Here are a few simple tips to try to ease up the tensions that come with heading back to school-


Create a Plan for as Much as You Can in Advance

When life gives you lemons, making lemonade is a million times easier if you already have the other ingredients for it. The same goes for everything that your child needs during the school year. At the beginning of each week, take some time to plan out some seemingly simple tasks to make the week flow better. Plan and prep lunches for the week, outline time schedules, even ask your child to lay out clothing in advance to make mornings less of a hassle. By spending an hour planning each week, it takes off hours of stress throughout it.

Have Your Children Utilize Technology… Positively!

Your kids are going to be glued to their phones all the time anyway, so why not make the best of it? There are hundreds of apps and websites out there that can help make their school life easier, no matter what grade level. Flashcard websites such as Quizlet can be one of the most useful studying tools when trying to memorize anything, and Youtube has videos available that teach almost all school subjects. Technology can make handling schoolwork a breeze.

Keep Them Involved in Sports and Extracurriculars

By having your children involved in more than just school, it actually leads them to doing better in school. Not only does it get their mind off of homework and keep them busy with something healthy, it also allows them to develop better time management skills. Keeping up a hobby is an all around positive influence for kids.

Good luck implementing these simple, back to school tips in your family to kick off the new school year with success!


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