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Vista College Prep: Changing the Education Game

Vista College Prep is an exceptional school in Downtown Phoenix devoted to providing disadvantaged children in grades K-5 with an equal education. With the introduction of a very unique teaching approach, Scholars* are taught the skills they will need to pursue whatever life path they choose. The school days are longer, the emphasis on family engagement is stronger, and a focus on literacy is taught in order to provide a quality education to a demographic may not always receive it. From the moment youth begin their journey at VCP, they are assigned to a College and learn the University’s fight song. The philosophy that students will not only make it to higher education, but successfully graduate is instilled on Day 1 and this subtle momentum is monumental in the long run.

It Takes a Village

For 3 years now, Opportunity has provided financial assistance to fund afterschool programs at Vista College Prep.  One of our favorites- the Leading Tone Bucket Band is a program that provides more than extended child care. Bucket Band members are taught skills through music that translate to life just as much as playing an instrument. From responsibility learned through instrument care to teamwork and coordination playing with their peers, students practice valuable traits that better prepare them for secondary education and eventually adulthood.

The Bucket Band Takes the Stage!

All that hard work… the Bucket Band participants deserve to show it off! Opportunity4Kids could not resist offering to provide the rockstars their moment of glory. In Winter of 2016 and Spring of 2017, Opportunity4Kids planned, staffed and sold concessions at Bucket Band Concerts with all profits raised going directly back to Vista College Prep and the Bucket Band. Watching the children perform with pride and then seeing the teachers, family and community members appreciate the performance was priceless!

After two very successful Bucket Band Concerts, Opportunity4Kids is excited to see what the Leading Tone Bucket Band will accomplish in 2018!

To make a donation to the Vista College Prep Bucket Band, click HERE.

*Isn’t is cool how they refer to students as “Scholars”?! This simple switch in language elevates students and expectations to help children achieve outstanding goals!

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