‘Coming of Age’ with the SRPMIC

Growing up and becoming an adult within your community is a very important time for young men and women. Additionally, it can be a time of confusion or questions as changes are taking place inside one’s body- physically, mentally and emotionally, and outside- with regards to societal responsibilities and expectations.

Opportunity4Kids had the pleasure of teaming up with the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC) Social Services Department to provide a ‘Coming of Age’ workshop to young women in the community. Ladies ages 11-17, gathered together to learn information about the physical changes their bodies are/will be going through as well as how to address each new challenge with ease and grace.

A clinician presented to the group, providing very valuable information in a format that was easy for the girls to understand and implement in their lives. There was also a section about the mental, emotional changes that the girls should be prepared to experience.

To wrap things up, a female member of the Tribe also conversed with the girls about changes in community expectations and responsibilities. It was beautiful to see these young ladies gathering together to support one another on their journey of life!

After the workshop, the group of gals was provided lunch and given take home bags. Opportunity4Kids provided financial sponsorship so that every girl walked away with a bag full of personal hygiene items such as gum, body wash, face wash and feminine hygiene items as well. We are so proud of these beautiful young ladies who took time out of their summer to learn more about ‘Coming of Age’!






Excitedly! The ‘Coming of Age’ workshop for the boys is now scheduled in the coming weeks. We are sure the guys will receive just as awesome of a workshop as these ladies, complete with the male version of take home bags. ? 

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