Going for the Layup with Varsity Basketball!

A True Athlete from the Start

Julian* has always been a competitive kid with a love for the basketball court. Growing up in a small town, Julian had limited opportunity to progress his basketball skills. Once in 10th grade, he finally had the chance to play at a competitive level. Excitedly, Julian achieved the honor of making the Varsity team in his first tryout. Even more impressively, Julian accomplished this feat all while helping out at home with his mom, who is raising Julian and his brother on her own.

Nothing Can Hold Him Back

Unfortunately, Julian was told he would need surgery to allow for proper breathing to continue playing basketball after his Sophomore year. This is when his mother reached out to Opportunity4Kids. Not only would the surgery be expensive, the recovery time and required gear afterwards added additional costs. Plus, Julian’s high school charges a fee to participate in school sports throughout the year, and then fees for away games and meals on the road. Julian’s mother simply could not afford to cover all expenses, but was not about to tell Julian he could not pursue his goals.

Back on the Court

We are so impressed with Julian’s dedication- maintaining his competitive edge while overcoming many challenges! Once recovered, Opportunity4Kids provided Julian Scholarship to participate on the high school Varsity basketball team in his Junior year, paying all fees for the year, including the away game costs. As we knew it was essential, Opportunity4Kids also bought Julian a protective face mask to keep his face safe after surgery. We are so glad Julian had a speedy recovery over the Summer and was able to join his team for the season. We wish you the best of luck as you move through your high school basketball career and eventually into college!

*Julian’s name has been changed to protect his identity. Additionally, we are respecting the parent’s wishes and not sharing any photos. 


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