Hotspots for Hope Academy!

School is Back in Session… But Online?!

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, life as we know it changed dramatically. But what we all could have never anticipated is the way schooling would shift for our youth. Suddenly, learning was taken online; while this makes sense to keep kids and their families safe and healthy, many children were lost in the technology resources gap. In this transition, not having adequate internet at home and a laptop to access online learning became a huge issue for some students.

Solving the Problem

Technology is expensive! Not all parents can afford advanced internet service for multiple children to connect at once or even enough devices for each kid to be working on their own lessons. This summer Opportunity4Kids was thrilled to provide 2 Chromebooks to deserving youth, but we were determined to do more.

The Learning Never Stops
As the school year officially kicked off in Arizona, we became aware of a special group of students at Hope Academy in Phoenix needing internet service to continue their learning. With an even more poignant mission considering the circumstances, Hope Academy believes in “creating the conditions for all learners to be cared for, supported and prepared for a future we can’t possibly imagine.” Adjusting for COVID-19, Hope Academy was forced to take their teaching online and 10 special students suffered immensely with a lack of access to internet services.

Making it All Happen!
Fortunately, teamwork really does make the dream work. With the connection of our friends at Lights Camera Discover, Opportunity4Kids was able to step up and provide the funding needed to get mobile hotspots, complete with 1-year of pre-paid internet service, to these deserving 10 youth!

Big thank you to the Million Dollar Teacher Project, Future Stars AZ and Matthew Blades Media for launching the Title 1 Tech Project and letting us jump on board. Together, we are making it happen to #ContinuetheLearning!