Joshua’s Journey Continues!

In 2017, Opportunity4Kids granted Joshua with a Scholarship to participate on the POPPKiDZ Swim Team in Tucson. Joshua is an impressive young boy who has a passion for success! Click HERE to read Joshua’s background story.

A Second Chance

In Spring of 2018, Joshua’s mother, La Tasha, needed help with after school coverage as she is a single mother working full-time. La Tasha wanted Joshua to improve his reading, language, and math skills and found a tutoring program called Champions After School Program, that would not only help Joshua become more successful in school but also provide the after school care she needed to keep her schedule at work.

It was Opportunity4Kids pleasure to grant Joshua with a Scholarship to attend Champions After School Program, for 8 months of tutoring to help Joshua work on his academics. Joshua loved getting tutored and learned so much.

Another Round

After granting a Scholarship for Joshua to attend the after school program, Opportunity4Kids provided Joshua with a Scholarship to join a boxing gym for 3 months of boxing.

Joshua has enjoyed learning the fundamentals of boxing and has been doing wonderfully! His mother says, “He is taking boxing, wrestling and MMA seriously. He is so excited! He is doing shoulder flips, cartwheel and so many other cool stuff. I think Joshua has found a new love. Thank you again”.

Opportunity4Kids looks forward to watching Joshua develop his skills, and knock out every opportunity he’s given!


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