Just Add Water- Joshua Swim Scholarship!

The Journey Begins: Chicago to Phoenix

After giving birth to an adorable boy, Joshua, in intercity Chicago, La Tasha decided while Chicago is a great city, she wanted to raise her son in a safer environment. Relocating in 2012 to Tucson, Arizona to be close to her father, La Tasha looked forward to the peacefulness and tranquility she found in Tucson.

Unfortunately, shortly after moving, her father suddenly passed away- just 11 months later. It was devastating and heartbreaking for both La Tasha and Joshua. Joshua’s grandfather was his buddy and he cried every day for over a year following the tragedy.

Swimming Makes Everything Better

To help focus his feelings into something positive and ease the loss of his grandfather,
La Tasha decided to put Joshua into swimming lessons. Joshua instantly took to the water and found great joy in swimming!

Fast forward, Joshua has been swimming for almost three years. Joshua had the opportunity to watch the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics and now his passion is to compete in the Olympics one day. La Tasha related, “It’s a blessing when your child tells you- I want swimming to be my job. I am very proud of Joshua. I hope that your organization will be able to assist us in making Joshua’s dream come true.”

Just Keep Swimming

Opportunity4Kids is pleased to step up and grant Joshua Scholarship to participate in swim programming at POPPKiDZ. POPPKiDZ provides a comprehensive, progressive collection of Aquatic classes, workshops, and training for students of all ages and skill levels. We are super excited to see Joshua reach his goals through swimming!


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