Summer Smiles with Chandler Youth!

COVID-19 Threatens Summer Fun

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted Summer Camps and Summer Programming in Arizona; at first altogether halting the operation of local youth and family service center in Chandler, ICAN, and then reducing the number of kids that could attend, plus hours ICAN would operate their Summer Camp. To top things off, Opportunity4Kids traditionally hosts an end-of-Summer Water Day celebration at ICAN for 250-300 excited kids, but there was no way that fun surprise could happen in light of the pandemic.

Never Fear- Summer Is NOT Cancelled

At the onset of COVID-19 restrictions, ICAN discovered a way to serve youth from afar and launched Kraft Kits. Through ICAN Kraft Kits, each kid receives family-friendly activities that promote ICAN’s emphasis on the 5C’s of Positive Youth Development: competence, connection, contribution, character and confidence.

Of course, the Kraft Kits are not free to provide to 200 local youth, and that’s where Opportunity4Kids came in. Shifting our funds from providing an in-person activity for ICAN kids, the Kraft Kits accomplished our goal to provide resources and activities in a unique way during COVID-19.

Kraft Kits Delivered!

On the Friday of Father’s Day weekend, Opportunity4Kids collaborated with ICAN to kick off Summer and give 200 Chandler Youth activities and enrichment! Not only did we provide the financial resources to help create and distribute the Kits for the week, but Opportunity4Kids also included a suede wallet, donated to us by local business Engrave My Memories, so that each child could give a gift to their dad’s (or other family member) on Father’s Day. As a bonus, Executive Director, Alexandra got the chance to ride with ICAN staff on a van parade delivering approximately 40 of the Kraft Kits, masked and at a safe distance of course.

Big thank you to ICAN for all you do in the local community. It was a blast teaming up for the Kraft Kits!