MG’s Story

MG is a sophomore at Arizona School for the Arts. She is the oldest of 6 children and her parents have tried their best to keep MG involved in the activity she loves more than anything- Ballet. MG has loved to dance all her life. However, dancing is very expensive and although her parents do their best to keep her participating, they needed some help. MG dances seven days a week for about six to seven hours a day and has currently been hired as an apprentice in the modern company, Jordan Daniels Dance. MG maintains a high GPA and will be taking all AP courses.

It was MG’s hope to attend an intensive Ballet program through Ballet Arizona. In ballet there are not many scholarships given to girls because they are typically reserved for the boys, as there are not as many boys dancing as there are girls. Therefore, MG and her family understood they would not be able to receive financial assistance from the school. Fortunately, MG’s mother reached out to us at Opportunity4Kids for help. We were thrilled at the Opportunity to provide tuition assistance so that MG could keep dancing!

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