On Track to Success with Tutoring Sponsorships!

Seeing your child struggle in school can be a difficult experience for parents. We all want to see our children be successful, whether it be in school or in their daily lives. What many people don’t realize is that there are several factors that can affect a child’s progress; not to mention, some just learn faster than others. Weekly tutoring services can be a great alternative for a child who needs a little extra support!

Tutoring: Help for Those That Need It

Enlightened Education Group is a Phoenix based company whose purpose is to assist todays urban youth and their families with the necessary skills to achieve academic success and overcome poverty. Founder, Patrice aims to promote the pursuit of higher education in predominantly poor areas. Tutoring companies like Enlightened Education Group not only help children stay on track, but they also give them the opportunity to overcome their current situations.

Getting the G Siblings the Support They Deserve!

We recently heard about three siblings who come from a low income family and were struggling in school. Due to financial circumstances, the family was not able to provide their children with the tutoring services so desperately needed to catch up the G Siblings. In an effort to get the kids back on track, Opportunity4Kids quickly teamed up with Enlightened Education Group to grant the siblings three weeks of tutoring services.

Celebrating Success!

At the end of the three weeks, we received a progress report from the siblings which showed how much they had improved in just a few short weeks! We immediately granted another four weeks of tutoring in order to keep this positive progress moving forward. With almost two months of tutoring under their belt, the G Siblings are doing much better and actually enjoy going to school. Who would have thought? We can’t wait to see what great things these three will accomplish!

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