PF’s Story

PF is a very active and energetic 9-year-old boy that struggles with ADHD. PF’s family is always looking for new ways to keep him occupied and engaged but don’t always have the financial means to do so. Opportunity4Kids sponsored PF in July to participate in an art class at the Phoenix Center for the Arts. He thoroughly enjoyed participating in the class and his parents would like him to continue participating in different activities. This time around, PF’s mom wants him to be able to channel his energy into a physical activity, which is why Opportunity4Kids has stepped in to help send PF to gymnastics class. We hope that PF enjoys this class just as much as the last!

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While already experiencing significant financial losses, Opportunity4Kids is working hard to adjust our strategy and still provide resources for Arizona youth! We have teamed up with local partners to launch Monday-Friday virtual programming in Media Arts as well as daily video workouts for kids to stay active. We are also accepting Scholarship applications. Your continued donations can make a HUGE difference- every dollar counts!DONATE NOW
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