Reaching our GOAL with Scottsdale Soccer!

Scottsdale Soccer is a fellow 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the development of student athletes in our community. Their mission is to develop the physical, mental, and emotional growth of local youth through the sport of soccer. They also encourage their athletes to emphasize teamwork, commitment, and self-confidence while doing something they love to do. Scottsdale Soccer is currently the largest soccer club in the state of Arizona with the participation of about three thousand children annually and extended programs, such as the Phoenix Blackhawks competitive program. Impressively, they make all this happen with the support of member’s families and volunteers.

PHX Blackhawks

Photo Credit: Phoenix Blackhawks

Two Teams One Dream

Opportunity4Kids and the Phoenix Blackhawks have the same objective, and that is to provide children with the opportunities they deserve through extracurricular activities and sports. When we realized that there were over a dozen kids whose families needed financial assistance in order for them to continue participation in this season’s soccer league, we knew we had to help; through this partnership we were able to sponsor 13 children who are now able to play the sport that they love!

Helping Players to Reach Their Goals

Here at Opportunity4Kids we believe that playing sports can have a profound effect on a child’s developmental growth. We came across Adrian’s inspiring story, which is proof of just how powerful sports can be in a child’s life. Adrian is a dedicated young soccer player that works hard to improve his skills. Last year, about mid-season, Adrian lost his mom who had been battling cancer. As any child would during such a devastating time, Adrian began experiencing behavioral problems at school and at home. His father felt that it was important to keep Adrian involved in soccer to facilitate him having an outlet during such an emotional time. With the support of his Coach and his team, Adrian has been able to smile and enjoy his time on the field. Opportunity4Kids was thrilled to be able to sponsor Adrian to continue healing and most importantly to have a little fun!

Want to learn more about the Phoenix Blackhawks and Scottsdale Soccer? Click HERE.

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