SF’s Story

SF came to live with us when she was four. She was a foster child and was placed by CPS. Her living conditions were horrible and she suffered from abuse and neglect. The house she used to live in was not in good condition and was a little more than a shack. She and her twin brothers came to live with us in January of 2008. We adopted them in November of 2009. From the start we knew she was special. She is very smart and tested in early for kindergarten. She also is athletically gifted. SF loves all sports but soccer is her favorite. We need to stress that she received no special training from us and we don’t know why she is so good at soccer. She is naturally gifted.

She played a few seasons in rec soccer and strangers would tell me she needed to play club soccer and with some encouragement from Mr. W we tried out for a Gilbert team and she made the team. She would love to attend a special Soccer Camp and would be very excited if she could go. SF puts 110% effort in everything she does. She has a great attitude and is just a happy kid. She says she ties not to think of the past because that just makes her sad, so she focuses on the future. We have 6 adopted foster children. My husband makes $28k and we get some adoption subsidy. We would never be able to send her on our own and would appreciate any assistance you could offer.

(VNF has sponsored SF and she will be attending Soccer Camp!)

*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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