Cole Van Norman

Cole Van Norman

Creative Director (volunteer)


Brief info

Why did you get involved with VNF?
I believe every child should have the opportunity to join an organization without the finical restraints. Growing up in Arizona I was involved with many different sports. I believe opportunities that otherwise would not be available develop skills and leadership. Everyone should have the opportunity no matter his or her circumstances.

In what capacity have you been involved in sports? How long?
I was involved in many different sport most of my adolescent years. Baseball, football, volleyball, swim, golf, and tennis.

Have you ever been involved with a Nonprofit? How long? What capacity?

What is your goal in being part of VNF?
To give opportunities to kids that will hopefully directly change their lives for the better.

What experience, education, and or professionalism do you bring to VNF?
I have a B.S. from Arizona State University in Environmental Sustainability.