Jeff Van Norman

Jeff Van Norman

Co-Founder (volunteer)


Brief info

Why did you get involved with O4K?
My brother and I decided to start the Van Norman Foundation because we realized that it was time for us to give back to our community and make a difference.

In what capacity have you been involved in sports? How long?
I played baseball and football growing up. I also coached Pop Warner and Little League. In my time coaching I found that there were kids who didn’t have the proper equipment and were unable to play because of it, My brother and I always tried to help on a personal level but now we hope this foundation will help on a much larger scale.

Have you ever been involved with a Nonprofit? How long? What capacity?
Yes, I have been involved with non-profit organizations before, I was on the board of directors for “Smiles for Life” where we provided orthodontics for kids in need.

What is your goal in being part of O4K?
My goal for the Opportunity4Kids is to get the organization to a point where we can provide opportunities to kids whether it’s sports or extra curricula’s. We want them to no longer have to worry about finances when deciding to participate in team sports or extracurricular activities.

What experience, education, and or professionalism do you bring to VNF?
I have a Bachelor of Science from ASU in business and a JD from Whittier College. I have been practicing law for 21 years.