Michaela Scarla

Michaela Scarla

Event and Sponsorship Director (volunteer)
Brief info

Who’s your favorite sports team?
Spurs basketball! Coach Pop and the boys are always a blast to watch. I love watching baseball and football too. I just don’t have a favorite team.

How would you describe the perfect Saturday?
My favorite meal of the day is breakfast- so a perfect Saturday would start by making a big breakfast with my loved ones and pups. Then going on a adventurous day trip…mountain biking through the red rocks of Sedona or summiting any of the beautiful peaks we have around Arizona.

What is the most played song on your iPod, MP3, etc?
I listen to so many different genres of music that’s hard to pin down! My top 25 most played on Apple Music covers a spectrum from classic rock, country, rap to some alternative UK kids trying to make a break. I love the connection music can bring to people so I like to keep my selection well rounded!

What is the most rewarding part of working with opportunity 4 kids?
Being able to see the positive impact we can have on each kiddo we work with and collaborating with the community of people that bring it all together!

Who is the biggest influence in your life? Why?
My dad definitely has the greatest impact on my life. Seeing his journey as a entrepreneur during my youth has inspired me to have big plans for myself and my community!