Chris the All Star


Chris is an 9-year old athletic boy who loves sports. Chris has ADHD, and is very active. Some of Chris’ favorite activities are bike riding, swimming, baseball, and soccer. Chris is a very smart, happy, friendly kid, who loves school and enjoys having lots of friends.

Starting with Soccer

Before the age of two, Chris was adopted by his biological grandmother. As much as Chris loved playing sports, Chris’ grandmother was not able to afford for him to participate in extracurricular activities. A couple year ago, Opportunity4Kids provided Scholarship so that Chris was able to join in a soccer league called AYSO soccer. Chris was thrilled to to play soccer and we are proud to announce that AYSO went wonderfully for him. Chris’ grandmother is happy to report back “He greatly enjoyed soccer- thank you Opportunity4Kids!”

Let’s Play Ball!

After Chris played soccer, his interest shifted to joining a Little League Baseball team. Opportunity4Kids granted Scholarship needed by Chris and his grandmother to cover the expenses required to play ball. Over these couple of years, in total, Opportunity4Kids approved 3 seasons of Scholarship to help Chris continue with two of his favorite sports! We love hearing updates and seeing pictures of Chris as he develops with both Soccer and Baseball. Providing kids with the opportunity to grow and learn while giving them a chance to participate in rewarding, positive activities is what Opportunity4Kids is all about!


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